Who are We? is being coordinated by many volunteers, including:

  • David Stringer comes from a corporate background in pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals and medical devices. He is a current school BoT member, Chair of Ferrymead-Brookhaven Residents Association and member of the Coastal Hills Cluster committee, which covers residents associations from Ferrymead to Sumner.
  • Linda Rutland is a community organiser and fundraiser currently working in Mt Pleasant as an Earthquake Recovery coordinator.
  • Peter Hyde is a web and software company director helping out with the Redcliffs Information Centre and other quake-related community initiatives.
  • Tony Aldridge is a statistician with experience in analysing and solving a wide range of industrial problems.
  • Vicki Hyde is the former chair and current media liaison for the NZ Skeptics, and an author, editor and science journalist involved in local community projects.

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Magnitude of Misery

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